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What is a living will?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2024 | Estate Planning

People often rely on doctors and healthcare professionals to make medical care decisions on their behalf. When you cannot communicate your wishes, you need an alternative. A living will provides you with that solution.

A living will legally illustrates your healthcare preferences and treatment choices for those times when you cannot communicate them yourself.

What is a living will?

A living will outlines the medical treatments and procedures that you want or refuse to receive in the event of incapacitation. The document offers clarification and guidance for your family, friends and healthcare providers.

What are the components of a living will?

A living will should have a series of components to cover the key details. Specify which medical interventions you prefer to receive as well as the interventions you refuse, such as ventilation or artificial nutrition.

Living wills also cover pain management preferences, organ donation wishes and end-of-life care desires. Addressing these facts in a living will eliminates any confusion if you cannot speak for yourself.

Why is a living will important?

A living will empowers you to make healthcare decisions that fit your value system and ensures that your medical care team can honor those decisions even when you cannot articulate them. It also eases the burden on your family members who may struggle to make those decisions on your behalf without direction.

Research shows that approximately 45% of American adults have a living will. Take time to create a living will for the peace of mind that you and your family members need.